Your body has a built-in ability to heal itself. It’s just that sometimes our lifestyles mean that stress and tension build up to a point which can inhibit this faculty to heal. My work is to help your body unleash its full healing potential.

I obtained  Acupressure and Swedish massage qualifications in Europe and started practising massage therapy full-time in Auckland 4 years ago. I was happy to have found a skill I could share – a skill that brought joy and well-being to others.  Over time, however, I grew more interested in a holistic approach, one that encompassed the Eastern principle of self-healing. I studied new massage techniques which bring massage closer to acupuncture. I am currently enrolled as an acupuncture student in China

What is osteo-muscular therapy?

The osteo-muscular therapy I practice developed from a collaboration between myself and Dr Vitalis. We combined the best of our skills, expertise and knowledge and selected the most effective techniques from Japanese Shiatsu, Chinese Tuina, Swedish massages, acupressure and Thai yoga massage to create this unique holistic result-oriented treatment.

I specialise in deep tissues techniques for injuries and pain, posture correction, pregnancy massage, massage for fertility and we have monthly acupressure points for labour workshops.

Roberta Mek


osteo-muscular therapist, junior acupuncturist

Roberta Mek

Roberta Mek

Osteo-muscular therapist, acupuncturist