What your poor posture says about you?

Your age

When you see a person from far away, posture is the first signal of age. Poor posture makes you look older than you actually are. 7 signs of an ageing posture include:

  • Lost height
  • Breasts sag
  • Stomach protrudes
  • Head carried forward
  • Increased lumbar curve
  • Pelvis tips forward
  • Thoracic spine curves forward

Bad posture doesn’t only make you look older. It actually speeds up your aging and can be a good prediction if you will need assistance in basic daily tasks like eating when you’re old3.

Your health

People who have a stand straight  look healthy. This is for a reason.

  • Poor posture can lead to tension and pain.
  • Studies1,2 show that posture can influence your hormone levels reducing your immunity.
  • Recent study3 found that your posture can predict the need for assistance in old age. Inclined posture can make you three and a half times more likely to become dependent in basic self-care tasks like bathing, feeding or toileting.

7 signs of ageing posture

Your attractiveness

If you are stooped your stomach protrudes and you look chubbier, your breasts sag more than they should (sorry guys, this is meant for us ladies!). You look less self-confident and less attractive.

Your confidence

The body language of stooped person signals about lack of confidence. It says that you are weak and powerless. New studies1,2 show posture can influence your leadership ability and sense of power by altering testosterone and cortisol levels.

Would you like to improve your posture?

I have sought out specific massage techniques to release the tension and improve your posture, making you look and feel younger and healthier.  I recommend to start with the postural assessment and with our therapeutic massage.