5:2 diet. What to eat on fasting days

5:2 diet is hot now. And you can lose weight with it. I’ve tried :)
But what to eat on those days that you allowed only 500-600 calories?

Healthy snacks

Here are 5 extremely low calories, but healthy foods that are in season right now. Enjoy guilt free snacking throughout the day:

Strawberries – 32 calories a cup. Imagine 16 cups of fresh juicy strawberries a day!

Asparagus cooked (steamed, boiled) 35 calories a cup

Cauliflower 32 calories a cup

Raw fresh celery – 15 calories a cup. 33 cups of celery will keep you full all day long.

Popcorn (without oils or butter) 31 calories a cup – watch movies all day with 16 cups of popcorn.


Cook a low calorie Chicken soup:

500ml water (or more if you would prefer a thinner soup) no calories here.
100g chicken breast 172 cal
1 large Carrot 49 calories
1 cup Celery 15 calories
1 onion 40 calories
1 clove of garlic (if you like)
Parsley to taste
Spice to your liking. NO calories in spices!
Pepper/salt to taste.

Boil the water, add chopped cleaned veggies and chicken breast. Cook for 30-40 min or till the chicken is ready. Voilà! That’s a lot of soup and only 276 calories. Guys can add extra 100 cal ( extra 50g chicken or more veggies  to the soup).

That’s 500 calories day for you. Hope you will enjoy and have lot’s of fun! Let me know how it’s going.

PS This diet is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women or if you are doing many intensive workouts.



What to have for breakfast on the fasting days?

You can drink as much as you like water/coffee/tea(without milk or sugar) because it’s 0 cal!

Boiled or scrambled egg – 155 calories
Mushrooms – 15 calories a cup
2 slices of toast – about 50 calories
Marmite 1 tsp -4 calories

Total 224 calories. Not bad, eh?

What would you chose to eat all day? Litte piece of cake or a huge ball of berries? 

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